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Hexcode converter is a tool that able to generate various SMS content (Ringtone, Picture message, logo, MMS WAP Push etc) for various mobile phone types (Nokia, Samsung, Ericsson EMS, Motorola, Siemens and Alcatel).

  • Accept BMP file, RTL/RTX file or Midi file as input
  • Support all the special effect (Staccato) RTL file generated by Ringtone Editor
  • Able to generate almost all the SMS mobile contents for various mobile phones

Supported SMS Contents

Mobile phone model (OTA Format)

Mobile Content

Nokia smart messaging

  • Ringtone (Support special effect / remix / cute)
  • Picture message
  • Operator logo
  • Screen saver
  • Group graphic
  • Business card

Enhance Messaging System (EMS)

  • Ringtone (Support special effect / remix / cute)
  • Small Icon
  • Large Icon
  • Small Picture
  • Large Picture
  • Variable size Picture
  • Large Animated Picture
  • Small Animated Picture

Siemens OTA data format

  • Ringtone (Support special effect / remix / cute)
  • Screen saver
  • Picture
Alcatel OTA data format

  • Ringtone (Support special effect / remix / cute)
Motorola OTA data format (Old version)

  • Ringtone

MMS (Wap push OTA data format)

  • Service Message

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