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SMS Express is a powerful SMS Gateway System which provide a turnkey solution for you to immediately launch exciting mobile services with only an GSM Phone, no need any internet connection*. With SMS Express, you can instantly

*Internet connection needed only 1 time for activation purpose.

  • Do mobile marketing or promotion campaign.
  • Perform SMS broadcasting or receiving.
  • Deliver time-critical enterprise information to mobile employees.
  • Import / Export contacts information from your GSM Phone / CSV File to phone book.
  • Set up innovative service such as quiz or contest with only few simple settings.
  • Integrate with your existing applications to give SMS features, SMS alert, CRM or ERM.
  • Start up your SMS business easily with provides ringtones, picture message, operator logo and gaming result download services.
  • Make your mobile phone as remote control of your PC.
  • Use as SMS Reminder / SMS Alert System.
  • Use as Customer Helpdesk System.

Key Features

  • Bulk Sending Personalized SMS and Receiving SMS
    SMS Express easily broadcasting personalized SMS to recipients with only few clicks on your mouse and  receive SMS from mobile phone. SMS Express has built-in SMS viewer which able to show you the sent and received SMS in normal text or Unicode text (Chinese charecter, Arabic charecter, Thai charecter etc) as your history message in correct sequence.
  • Bring more information to your customer within an SMS
    Due to the limitation of 160 characters SMS, there was an auto abbreviation feature that allow you to bring more information to your customer within an SMS. You are able to customise your own keyword. For example: "You" -> "U", "Wednesday" -> "WED", "First" -> "1st" etc.
  • Supported Multiple SMS types
    SMS Express provided different types of SMS to suit your company needs, SMS Express allow you to send Business Card SMS, Direct Display SMS, Unicode SMS (Blinking text, Chinese text etc), 8 Bits Data (Ringtone, Picture message, Logo) and etc.
  • Come with Hexcode Convertor tools
    SMS Express included a Hexcode Convertor tool that able to generate 8 bits data (Ringtone, Picture message, Operator Logo etc) for various mobile phone (Alcatel, Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia and Siemens).
  • Group and Contact List management
    SMS Express helps you group your contact list and it has a built-in contact list management tool that can import your contact information from your mobile phone or .CSV file. It come with a powerful searching tool for you to get a contact easily.
  • Incoming and Outgoing SMS management
    Incoming / outgoing SMS can be easily manage and store in the difference directories for future review. Besides, there is an SMS history viewer for you to easily recall back what SMS you sent / received from your friends.

  • Task management and Log
    The Incoming sender number can be easily monitored / recorded into phone book for later SMS marketing or promotion campaign.
  • Multiple Language Support
    SMS Express can send and view multilingual SMS like the Chinese character, Arabic charecter and Thai charecter.
  • Incoming SMS Rules with credit / point system
    SMS Express allow you to set up the quiz, contest or other SMS Services for your customers or mobile employees with only a simple Rules settings. It come with a credit / point system for you to start business immediately .
  • SMS Reminder
    SMS Express has provide a SMS Reminder tool for you to record or write down your important event such as someone birthday, meeting, appointment etc.
  • Report printing
    SMS Express provide Daily report, Monthly report and User Credit report which allow to monitor every message sent in Daily report, Total message sent everyday in Monthly report and total credit used of customers in User Credit report.
  • User Friendly interface
    SMS Express provides  User Friendly Interface for you to fully utilize it with only a very basic computer knowledge.

System Requirements

  • Win9x / WinMe / Win2000 / WinXP
  • 16 MB disk space
  • GSM Phone / Device (supported GSM Devices)
  • Data cable or Bluetooth for connection between GSM device and PC
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